Management Team

Narendra Lunagaria - Managing Director

Narendra Lunagaria founded Alpha-e Barcode Solution Pvt. Ltd in 2001 utilizing a depth of his business experience, ranging from start ups to large private limited companies. He has pioneered and spearheaded the marketing and support of retail and wholesale software solutions in India. He has been in charge of the company’s evolution to be a specialist provider of Hardware and Software products for small and large organisation, and also develop E-commerce Websites and Mobile Apps. As the Managing Director of the company, He is responsible for the relationship of clients and partners, sales and marketing initiative. His global team is one of the highly experienced and educated workforce's in business. 

Nitesh Lunagaria - Managing Director (Development)

Nitesh Lunagaria is the Co-founder and Managing Director (Development) of Alpha-e Barcode Solution Pvt. Ltd. He has been pivotal in building Alpha-e as a trusted and reliable IT services partner. Nitesh manage the developing region at Alpha-e — including development of projects, R&D strategies, policies and plans. He co-ordinates the activities of other research workers; keeps eye on the costs and assess the benefits of research and development activities. His responsibilities include interpreting the results of research projects, recommend new products or services, and publish the results of significant research projects. He holds the accountability to monitor any developments in research area and work out how these may affect the organization.

Ramesh Lakkad - Hardware Marketing Head

Since 2013, Ramesh Lakkad, has been head of hardware sales, marketing and support. He lead the company to develop the industry's best hardware products like Barcode Printer, Barcode Scanner, Barcode Label/Ribbon, Attendance Device and Card Printer. During his time with the company, Ramesh has been manage all the process of hardware products like preparing, maintaining and selling of products. He also communicate with company's clients and contribute by his wonderful suggestion for the growth & development of Alpha-e.

Harshad Lunagaria - Support Head (Garments)

Harshad Lunagariya is a head of technical support (GSoft) at Alpha-e since 8 Years. He is responsible for providing a technical software solution to company's clients of garments (retailer and wholesaler), footwears, chain store, mobile/electronic store, departmental stores, etc. He is credited with supporting a customer centric culture, growing market, evolving business strategy, improving process and driving innovation within Alpha-e's Professional Services organization.

Harshit Doshi - Marketing Head (Jewellery)

Harshit Doshi is a marketing head of jewellery(JSoft) at Alpha-e since 5 years. In his role as a head of jewellery marketing, he guides his team for build a marketing platform and helping so many jewellery retail or wholesale companies to implementing the Alpha-e Jsoft software solutions. Harshit generates a lead on advertising and marketing by build a strong relationship with clients by his good nature and soft speech.

Brijesh Patel - Marketing Head (Garments)

Brijesh joined the Alpha-e team in year 2013 to head up the company's marketing efforts. With his attractive personality and good behaviour, attract many customers of garments business and maintain connection with them. Brijesh is passionate about helping individuals and businesses grow their online presence and spreading the word that Alpha-e offers the best product and software (GSoft) in the industry. 

Manoj Lunagaria - Senior Software Developer/Support Head (Jewellery)

Manoj is a head of senior software developer and supporting team of Jewellery at Alpha-e since last 4 years. With many yeras of development and support experiance, he recognized the potential of jewellery software (JSoft) development, its design and software solution (support). He is primarily focused on new markets, business development and customer services.

Chirag Solanki - Head of Development Department

Chirag joined the Alpha-e in 2012, with his keen ability to website development and make sense of technologies. Chirag is experts in technology like .net (DOT NET) Development, Website Designing, Programming, Android Apps and QA Testing. His main responsibilities are project management, order management, training, customer services and business strategy.